Monday, July 23, 2012

Progress Report: 7/23/12

The big time-consuming thing right now is that we have found a new house, and are now in the midst of moving in. It's very near our old place (about 6 blocks or so), but it's a real house this time, not a townhouse. With a yard and everything. So that's cool.

Here's the writing news that I haven't reported yet, because it's not quite news at this point. So about four weeks ago, a publisher asked to see my full manuscript for Dragon Waking. Which is a huge and exciting step up from the typical "Sorry, not interested," that I generally get after submitting my query letter and sample. But it's still not really woo-hoo! time. I will post that news with great enthusiasm if they decide to publish.

Meanwhile, fingers crossed. Twiddle, twiddle.

I will be attending the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' conference this September, which is coming up pretty fast.

Oh, and Candi and I will have our 19th anniversary tomorrow. I believe that is officially known as the "Dark Tower" anniversary.