Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Comic 696 -- Good News, Bad News

April comic is here...

The monthly schedule is working out pretty well for me. This month I even had some breathing room to work on some other aspects of the comic, like some more outlining and the next "Story So Far" animation. I believe I can maintain this without needing to take a hiatus during those months when I go on vacation.

Once a month may be a bit slower than I'd like in an ideal world, but it's sustainable. And I'm enjoying being back in the story. Hope you are too.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Thunderstruck Publicity

So, you may have noticed I've got a banner for Top Web Comics on the Thunderstruck home page now. In case you want to vote, here's that link again...

The one aspect of doing a webcomic that I was always worst at was publicity. For reasons of both time and inclination, I never did manage to spread the word far and wide about Thunderstruck. 

Case and point, I didn't even know about Top Web Comics. Sheesh. 

So if you have any other ideas about publicizing a comic, please share them with me. Don't assume that I know about a given channel already, because it's very likely that I do not.

Still, I was pleased to discover that Thunderstruck has it's own page on! That was pretty exciting. Ah, immortality...