Monday, March 31, 2014

Comic 695 -- Trophies

The next update is here...

And Sharon goes deeper into the world of myth and legend.

This time, I was glad to have a whole month to get this done, because I've been going 15 rounds with a vicious stomach virus (or bacteria... my electron microscope is on the fritz, so I can't be sure). Plus, this one is kind of long. I'm still not sure how long I want these few-and-far-between updates to be... my only guideline is that each one is long enough to move the story along for a significant chunk.

Did you know that Thor had three children? And another bit of trivia is that they're all from different mothers. Oh, those crazy gods!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Progress Report 3/17/14

Well, there's no real progress in terms of writing to report, other than that I'm still in the land of the living.

Okay, I don't know if I was really in mortal danger, but I just got through a bout of food poisoning that felt like it took me within a biscuit's toss of the banks of the River Styx. Still not back to 100% or anything, but I'm on the mend and feeling human again.

"Feeling human" is something I say literally... for a few days there, I felt remarkably like some sort of reptile. I had no internal control over my body temperature, I mostly wanted to be perfectly still all day, and I felt like maybe one meal in a month was about as much as I should require. "I've become an ectotherm," I thought. An ectotherm that could shiver, though, so that kind of ruined the effect. I'm not really adapted to the reptilian lifestyle.

Here's the thing about being a writer. When I was in the grips of the illness, I mean the very worst of it, there was a part of me in there still scribbling along. It may not be possible to truly describe the misery of something like food poisoning, but you could certainly evoke it. I won't subject you to those words, but they are there if I need them.

You know, if I'm writing horror or something.