Thursday, June 30, 2016

Comic 722 -- The Good Ship Agnir

And here we are into Chapter 15:

How'd she get that airship built? We'll get into the details more next time, including what turns those propellers. For now, enjoy your first look at the new thing in the comic that's going to give me the most headaches to draw...

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Announcing THE DRAGON WAKING -- Coming August 1, 2016

Well... the time has finally arrived! It's my first book, now becoming an actual thing-in-print reality.

So what's it about? This is a middle-grade fantasy, and you might have already made an educated guess that it's about dragons. It starts with a 13-year old girl named Rose living contemporary Boulder City, NV meeting and befriending a dragon named Jade. What's a dragon doing in modern-day Nevada? Getting ready to start a whole lot of trouble, it turns out.

For Thunderstruck readers, this is definitely a story with a lighter tone than you may be accustomed to from me... and nowhere near as much outright heresy. But I think you'll recognize some of the same themes.

It's been a long trip through the process of publishing, and of course in many ways this is really the starting point. I've learned a whole lot of lessons, but patience is probably the biggest takeaway.

The Dragon Waking is published by Albert Whitman & Company. If you're keen, you can even pre-order:

 ... or wherever else you prefer to shop. And if they aren't carrying it yet, maybe you can suggest they get in on the action? If you like.