Saturday, May 31, 2014

Comic 697 -- Lots of Explosions

The new strip is up: action sequence!

This turned out pretty long... probably as long as a single strip is going to get, but you never know.

Next month: isn't that the God of Thunder?


Ketrus said...

Oh, wow. They built their fortress around Mjolnir. Of course they built their fortress around Mjolnir, it's not like they could do it the other way around.

I don't say this often enough, but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Einar Eikeland said...

I love everything about the new page, this new update is wonderful.
Minor nitpick though, shouldn't Thor have a piece of whetstone embedded in his forehead from his battle with Hrungnir?

Grayson Towler said...


Wow... confession time. I wasn't aware of that part of the story until now, or I'd forgotten about it. If I have time, I might just go back and add it in.

Many thanks!

Einar Eikeland said...

No problem I'm glad I could help.
And no need to worry about not being aware of Hrungnir. I first came across that story through a magical girl manga of all things, where one of the characters basically becomes the avatar of Thor and the whetstone in the forehead along with the hammer and Jarngreipr is a major clue that its Thor's power she's drawing on. I couldn't figure out what on earth they were talking about so I looked it up and eventually discovered that rather cool story.

By the way what is the story with Jarngreipr in the Thunderstruckverse? Is it just an example of myths being inaccurate and people trying to explain something they can't understand?

Grayson Towler said...

Hi Einar,

From a writing perspective, the Jarngreipr gauntlets added a layer of complexity that I preferred to avoid. So as will (hopefully) be clear as the story progresses, my solution is to interpret the gauntlets as not being essential for wielding Mjolnir, but certainly helpful for dealing with the amount of energy it puts out.

Honestly, the most troublesome story in the mythology has been the one where Mjolnir is stolen by Thyrm the giant. It's one of my favorite stories, but it presents certain continuity headaches for what I wanted to do. I have an explanation for what happened in my head, but I don't think it'll make it into the strip proper. Maybe I'll include it on the blog when the time comes, for all those interested in such things.

Tyris said...

Ah, so it wasn't an artillery shell... it was half a mortar-shotgun barrel.