Sunday, August 31, 2014

Comic 700 -- Restoration

With this installment, we bring the current chapter to a close:

And this is the 700th comic! Not counting outtakes, extras, cover pages, and the odd erroneous farewell message. We've come a long way... and there's much more to go. Next up, we check in with Gail, Sax, and Hayaka. Looks like trouble already.

So I may have some good news about another writing project soon. Nothing definite yet, but there are some positive developments that I hope to be able to announce soon. I mention it just to make you aware that I'm still hard at work with other projects -- normal prose fiction rather than webcomics. I think that this once-a-month schedule is working for keeping Thunderstruck going while balancing my other efforts.


Ketrus said...

Ha, nice transition. I look forward to reading your prose efforts, whatever they may be!

Anvildude said...

Heh. Guess I was wrong about the whole 'resizing thing'.

Curious about Mjolnir still, though. It's 'bound' to Sharon now, right? And I'm guessing that it's willing to be wielded by Thor's children because, well, they're his kids. But will it listen to and prioritize Sharon over the trio? If she needs it, will it come, even in the "real world"?

Huh. Just had a thought. What if the 'dream world' that Lily is traveling through is actually part of this secondary 'world of magic'?

Grayson Towler said...


Much as I love to answer questions, all the answers to yours fall in "spoilers" territory. So... we'll just have to wait and see.

Robert said...

I love this update! :) And the fact you are updating again. Thank you. I've missed this comic.

Charles M said...

I'm so glad Thunderstruck is back! Keep up the great work!