Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Comic 712 -- Fox Hunt

We take a momentary break from Gail to check in on how Hayaka is doing...


Foxes! Don't underestimate them.

The bit with the train crossing the river came from a dream I had about nine years ago, and it's been sitting around waiting to be used since then. Whew!

We'll get back to the showdown between Gail and Jude next time around. Anybody have a guess as to why Jude did what he did?


Jeremy said...

An obvious reason is that if it got out, Jude would lose control of the other vampires - there'd likely be a civil war of sorts between those who want their humanity restored and those who like the status quo.

I suspect Jude is not obvious, though.

Vincent Voidbringer said...
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Vincent Voidbringer said...

Well, since he said that "She asked you not to tell" Followed by "None of you ever listen" I take it that he did it since it was the only way to actually let them keep their word on not blabbing about the cure thing.

I mean, He's by far old enough to know patience like a bottomless well and it's not like he's going anywhere since, as far as I can tell, He's a vampire with next to none of the vamp weaknesses. A few custom tailored to him ones, sure but other than that, they don't seem to apply.

Seeing that same sad story happen start to finish over and over tends to make people want to just stop it before it runs it's full course. I'm betting Jude's method is what tends to be the most effective, and possibly best, for everyone long term until certain things and outlooks change.

That said... the Thunderstruck index's page needs to be updated. It's still last month's picture.

Grayson Towler said...

>That said... the Thunderstruck index's page needs to be updated. It's still last month's picture.

Do you mean the top banner on this page or the comic itself?


The top banner is the chapter heading, so that'll stay the same for the length of this chapter. I'm seeing the comic updated on my version. Is it not showing up for you? That would be odd...

Vincent Voidbringer said...

@Grayson Towler
just the index page of comic itself. It's showing up as last month's page, including the top header saying next update is August 31st. However, should I flip through the comics by date, it works just fine and shows the next one.

Charles M said...

Coal doesn't really combust like that when ignited...

Vincent Voidbringer said...

>Coal doesn't really combust like that when ignited...
You including coal powder and sudden intense heat (and magic) with that logic?

though that would take a lot of coal powder... maybe the next cart back was full of flour or that really explosive type of fertilizer.

Grayson Towler said...

Charles M--

Very true. Hayaka's magic is doing the work of causing the explosion. The coal is just the power source, not the explosive agent.

Hopefully it's clear in the explosion panel that she has consumed a massive scoop of coal out of that train car, right? Consuming all that coal at once basically gives her a huge chunk of energy to play with, much more than she can usually call up on her own.

Because coal is flammable, she's able to use a fire-based spell to take that big of a chunk at a time (she couldn't do it with, say, water or dirt). What's more, from a magical perspective, coal in this form is meant to be burned and consumed as fuel... the spirit of the coal, if you will, is very amenable to this sort of use.

Once she has that big heap of energy, Hayaka can instantly feed it into her explosion spell to create a much bigger effect than the flash-bang she used earlier in the strip when she was leaping off the bridge.

Make sense?

I'm glad someone asked that. It was too involved to put in the comic, but I did actually give it some thought.