Monday, February 29, 2016

Comic 718 -- The Vigil

A big secret deserves a big panel...

Shemira is a real Hebrew tradition in which the body of the deceased is watched over until it's ready for burial. In this case, of course, it's taking on a somewhat altered meaning. The rules are a little different when you're dealing with gods and archangels.

Grandma Stella, forever sharp, picked up the clue the first time she heard the name.


Douglas Murray said...

I think that I guessed we would see God dead or nearly so when I read comics #634-636, when Stella referenced the "Timeless Sepulchre" in the context of "seeing God", said that "even the most faithful would be shaken by what we know", and suggested that "God [is] testing [us]."
On a separate note - God has HORNS? Well, bull horns, but still. It's a step beyond Him even having a physical form. I'm fairly certain there's a connection to some Mesopotamian deity here.
With his glowing red eyes and shackles (now broken), I'm fairly certain Lucifer/Satan/Prometheus is also Loki.

Charles M said...

Perhaps playing off the paintings and sculptures of Moses with horns (not originally because of the slander that Jews have horns, but because of a miss translation of biblical texts that Moses had "the horns of God".

Vincent Voidbringer said...

Ah, so one side has God being a backstabber himself for (mostly) separating the supernatural from the world of mortal men, and the other paints him as a hero who was betrayed... Anyone think that these two groups should try comparing notes? And by that I mean a third party compares the notes of both sides to piece together what the hell actually happened since the two sides wouldn't be able to stop from killing each other due to deep rooted hatred/professional obligation.

Grayson Towler said...

Ah yes, the horns. I think I can address that without spoiling anything.

So there's lots of scholarship to suggest that the God of Hebrew scripture, Yahweh, has some kind of origins in a polytheistic source. Maybe adapted from a particular god in another pantheon, or maybe a synthesis of several. While there's nothing definitive in this area of research, I've read theories about Yahweh originally being from Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, and maybe a moon god, a volcano god, a war god... or maybe a bull god.

In writing for this universe, I went with a Yahweh who was once a member of another pantheon, but has since gone on to become the "supreme god," at least to his own followers. The horns are an artifact from his previous office before his big promotion. This is pretty much what Bella described here:

And look! There he is all the way back in strip 433.