Saturday, April 30, 2016

Comic 720 -- Witness

Hmm. More hosting problems. Well, here's a link to the page on DeviantArt, anyway:

Hopefully I can get this sorted out early next week and update the website proper.


Douglas Murray said...

OOOHHH!! Voice from on high!! Is it possible that Stella would be the type to ask God Himself for confirmation when He's healed? Warwick was the one to say "We are beyond faith, Grant. We have certainty." when Grogan brought the subject up.

Gary Kleppe said...

WARWICK: Well, let's not jump to conclusions. It *looked* like Michael nodded, but it might have been an involuntary muscle spasm having nothing to do with our discussion. Is it right for us to just assume--

MICHAEL: (nod)

STELLA: He did it again!

WARWICK: It certainly looked like he nodded again. But still, it might not mean anything. Shouldn't we be cautious about what we--

MICHAEL: (shakes head)

WARWICK: Right, I know what that looked like too. But that still doesn't necessarily mean that he was agreeing with Stella.

MICHAEL: **I WAS agreeing with Stella, you fatuous dimwit!**


WARWICK: Well, let's not jump to conclusions. It *sounded* like...