Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Comic 721 -- Factions

New comic!


As we come to the close of this interlude, we get one more revelation: it seems not everybody in Vigil is so keen on ending the current status quo. These guys... always so duplicitous!


Dennis Connolly said...

Thank you for another excellent page!

Stella remains sharp as a tack, and in this interlude I've kind of grown fond of her, despite the fact that she's still, in no small part, a villain. I suspect that she knows full well the level of duplicity and deception in every word which passes Warwick's lips.

There was an interesting hint there, in the past few pages, and through the whole comic as well... the implication that, when a vessel is chosen by a higher power, those powers are unable to choose another until that vessel dies. In that sense, I wonder if the purpose of Paravigilum is, rather, to prevent said 'Godhead' from picking another host (or returning to power) and starting another war? Just food for thought, and wheels within wheels...

I'm glad you were able to sort out the hosting issues! Talk about a headache and a half, there. Hopefully bugs won't crop up, but these are computers we're talking about... so hopefully they won't be huge bugs. Knock on wood.

The Kings Raven said...

Great page.

I tell you, I would be so disappointed if the comic ends with the status qoe being preserved. Stella, Bella, I want somebody's plan to pay off - preferably both of them at once :)

Ben Ramsey said...

Loving the latest twist. It seems that people can grow to love power more than anything else. Dennis got me wondering, though, if the Archangels cannot change vessels, do the archangels disagree with this trio? Or, stranger still, are they in agreement that the sleeper must not awaken?
Of course, if one sister awakens him, the other might ring the harp. God war, round two, fight! My money would be on the side with the machine guns.

Grayson Towler said...

@The Kings Raven,

Hopefully it's not too big a spoiler for me to say I generally loathe stories where all that's achieved is a preservation of the status quo.

Kevin said...

I didn't think about the powers being unable to choose another vessel as Dennis pointed out until I went back and read this comic again today. However, 7 archangels are all working hard(we presume) to keep Yaveh alive. Therefore, Warwick and Krylov are working against the archangels and trying to preserve status quo, even to the point of working with the archangels' enemy, Azrael. I wonder if they would even work with The Adversary if need be.

Grayson Towler said...


Hi Kevin... just to keep any confusion from arising, Azrael isn't actually one of the enemies of the archangels. He's up there with the other six keeping the Vigil.

Angel lore takes some strange twists and turns and is not always consistent from one source to the next, but in broad terms the Old Testament version of God occasionally needed a hit man. Most notable example is the slaying of all the first-born in Egypt (presumably all the first-born who hadn't been wiped out by the other plagues). Azrael is allegedly the one who did the dirty work in that case and other instances where a hatchet-man was required.

Azrael isn't evil--he's just scary. And as others have been pointing out already, the relationship between the human vessels and the archangels themselves is pretty complicated.

Agni was introduced on this page:

He just kept quiet throughout the whole proceedings until now.

Charles M said...

I suspect the angels these 3 represent are in total agreement with their vessels. Judas made it sound like Jesus was killed because he might have had the power to heal Yahveh, and that would mean the conspiracy to keep him in a coma has been going on much longer then these current vessels have been alive.

Charles M said...

Then again, it was said that the angels restore youth and vitality to the vessels, but they don't heal fatal wounds. Warwick and company could they be thousands of years old if they always stayed in the background, far from any battle.

Dennis Connolly said...

Oh yeah. Also, guys, remember that these aren't all the archangels, not by a long shot. There's an eighth at least who's already been revealed, and is a part of neither the vigil nor Vigil. Whiiiiich... makes me wonder exactly whose side he's on.