Thursday, June 30, 2016

Comic 722 -- The Good Ship Agnir

And here we are into Chapter 15:

How'd she get that airship built? We'll get into the details more next time, including what turns those propellers. For now, enjoy your first look at the new thing in the comic that's going to give me the most headaches to draw...


Douglas Murray said...

In the first few panels, it looks like Sharon's drinking. Glad to see it averted.
Just to remember, Fundinn's wife is named Jari. He's also looking a little more built like the average human than I remember.
Tally on the travelers:
Belvedere Brouchard.
Ginevra Canterbury.
Naiah Riddle.
Three more as yet unnamed (one of which she taunted Sax about shortly after he was first introduced).
Sharon Curmen.

Douglas Murray said...

Whoops, misspelled Sax's sister's first name - it should be Jinevra, not Ginevra (probably made the mistake because Mrs. Harry Potter spells it the other way). Looks like I got Naiah's name right. And for the record, I just made up "Belvedere" because it's like "Bella" and I needed a first name.

Anvildude said...

So it's looking like Thunderstruck is shaping up into a two-toned storytelling experience- Gail's going all 'masquerade urban fantasy spec-ops drama' while Sharon's getting the full Epic Fantasy Quest. The two of them aren't going to recognize each other when they re-meet, if they re-join each other at all. I'm kinda wondering if the long-game will involve Sharon emmigrating permanently to "Phase".

Douglas Murray said...

It'll be awkward if Sharon & Gail enter the Timeless Sepulcher at the same time. Gail Walks By Faith, and Sharon's promised Thor that she'll hit God with Mjollnir if she ever gets the chance. Warwick, Krylov, and - probably - Agni Bakkar would help her do it.