Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Comic 727 -- Battle with the Serpent

Something rarely seen... a war dirigible vs. a giant sea monster!

Whew! This page was huge and took more time than I expected. I'm still pretty awkward with coloring... oh well.

Owing to vacation, next month's installment will be considerably shorter. Still... enjoy the epic showdown!


Vincent Voidbringer said...

The Next Reads October 31st instead of December 31st.

Grayson Towler said...

That would've been a pretty neat trick, huh? Thanks for spotting the error... it's fixed now.

Robert said...

I thought you might find this amusing... a couple weeks ago, RWBY ran an episode with a Grimm Serpent (or Grimm Sea Dragon depending on who you ask). I have a sneaking suspicion your serpent may be nastier however. ;) Even if it took... well, you can watch for yourself. ;)

RWBY has really come into its own in Season 4. The first two seasons were... okay. (The first was rough.) But Season 3 the series took off, and it continues to soar.

Anyway, I thought you'd be amused by these tangential lines.

Rob H.