Thursday, August 31, 2017

Comic 736 -- Searching for an Anchor

Checking in with our Vigil fellows...

Well, I know we've just officially met Mr. Soames here, but I feel sorry for the dude already. There's some fine print in the contract when you sign up for Vigil that he really should've paid more attention to.


Charles M said...

Soames should have known the risks when he agreed to work for Vigil, so I can't pity him. But was it really necessary to abduct his family too?

`Schism` McCullough said...

I think it quite interesting that the white-haired woman with the purple blouse is standing there. Vigil simply can't have ignored the possibility that she might still be steeping in a lust for vengeance. For some petty-minded folks such as her, that's all there is, after all.

That's an interesting codicil, though. Is he Hayaka's father? And what link would his spirit have towards hers?

Douglas Murray said...

I think that Mr. Soames isn't Hayaka's father, but "Our previous staff chief in New Orleans" - who "raved" about Saxony.

Is there nothing that Warwick and Krylov won't stoop to? Don't they at least have loyalty to their own?

Grayson Towler said...

Er.. to clear things up here, Mr. Soames is not Hayaka's father, but the previous chief of staff in New Orleans.

The woman in the purple blouse is Mrs. Whitehead, last seen in the interlude "Steel Angels Take Flight" getting pantsed by Saxony and Hayaka:

So yeah, she's probably keen on revenge.