Sunday, December 31, 2017

Comic 740 -- Guests in San Quentin

Last day of 2017! Let's round off the year with an update, shall we?

Hmm... "Backup Contingency?" Well, I doubt it will come to that. 

It's another year down, and I'm glad to have you all on board as Thunderstruck continues its strange and mythical course. See you in 2018, everyone!


janedotx said...

Happy new year! I've been following your work ever since I read Relentless, and I love your storytelling. I'm really enjoying Thunderstruck right now.

Douglas Murray said...

It seems that Gail's lie-detection power works in reverse as well.

Dennis Connolly said...

I think that ability of Gail to make others see that she's telling the truth is an interesting twist on her power, faith and all that. There are a lot of faiths, such as Buddhism, where those lies, falsehoods and deceptions we tell each other - and ourselves - are what hold us back, and keep us in the wheel, so to speak. Gail, though, doesn't even lie to herself, and I'm starting to think that her axis might not just be Faith, but also Truth.

That ability to bring forth truth might explain the healing she does, with vampirism and leprosy and so forth. Leprosy is the body effectively lying to itself -- the nerves are dead, and can't feel pain, so those afflicted don't notice that they're damaged. That leads to infection, et cetera. It sounds like other autoimmune disorders might also be treatable... and if vampirism is, in part, caused by a person falling into a lie... well.

I also find it hilarious that while Sharon is the 'rational atheist', or at least agnostic at this point, Gail is the one who's closer to actual truth, as opposed to dogma. It's a nice character trait, an irony which pairs well with Sharon being the one sent to the magic half.

Thanks for another great update, and happy New Year!