Monday, December 7, 2009

Progress Report: 12/07/09

It's my birthday this week! I'll be 41.

I have been asked a few times if I'm going to illustrate my books. I also get asked for clarification when I tell people about my writing: "Are you talking about graphic novels?" No, not right now, but illustrations are an interesting thought. Not many people do them in novels anymore, but it used to be a standard to have a few illustrations scattered here and there. It would be fun to do that, especially in a Thunderstruck novel.

Psyche, whose chapter opens the book, is one character whose visual depiction never quite satisfied me. Goddess-level beautiful is tough for me to draw. Especially for someone who then engages in action scenes. I think I should've picked an actress to model her against and worked a bit with photo references. Anyway, it would be easier just to draw one or two illustrations of her for a book, wouldn't it?

Okay, so progress. Not much to say. Writing is slow right now, chiefly because work is taking up so much energy. I'm not sure why everything has to pile up at the end of the year when everyone is trying to go on vacation, but that's what it does. Happens every December. So I'm chipping away at the Thunderstruck novel and the 1st & 2nd chapter rewrites for Rose & Jade, working as much as I can on it under the circumstances.

Currently reading: Under the Dome by Stephen King. A giant, Stand-sized monster that should hold me for a while. Wonder if there will be any mention of the concept overlap with RahXephon? I doubt it. Not that I think King ever heard of the anime--just an interesting coincidence.

Currently listening: Turn Coat, by Jim Butcher. The latest Dresden Files book, which are always fun. I have to make some effort to make sure that Sax doesn't echo Harry Dresden too much, but I think that shouldn't be much of a problem.

Although would any editor really care, or would it even be a selling point? The derivative nature of popular fiction can be astonishing sometimes. I was in Borders this weekend checking out the Young Adult section, and it's Twilight clones from here to breakfast. The vampire-romance craze will die down, but for now they're going to squeeze as much juice out of it as they can. Agents & editors like to talk a good game about originality, but when I look at the shelves, I have to wonder just how much of that is smoke up the ol' tailpipe.

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Jeremy said...

My impression of the publishing world is that in most cases authors don't get to pick their illustrators, unless the project is sold that way upfront. For example - Ursula Vernon is a webcomic artist, and she sold a series of kids' books with her spot illos throughout.

That said, having a body of work presumably makes it easier to sell that way.