Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Progress Report: 6/29/2010

Pardon my absence yesterday. It was a sick day.

The question on my mind this week for writing is with regards to vampires, specifically as they appear in Thunderstruck. I have been toying with the outline to see if there is some way to sub out vampires with some other entity.

It just seems like vampires are starting to get really overplayed. I can't keep track of all the vampire shows, movies, and books out there now. I don't watch/read any of them, and I'm still sick to death of them. Especially the vampires of the romantic teenage variety. Can you imagine a worse hell than being stuck in high school for all eternity?

Still, there are advantages to using them. The familiarity with vampires means you don't have to spend a lot of time explaining them to the reader, which is convenient. And in terms of Thunderstruck specifically, it's hard to find a substitute that will cause the least damage to the plot. Not that I mind making changes, but the element where Gail looks like she would be capable of curing a vampire is pretty critical, not to mention Bella's contingency plan...

And if I take out the vampires, does that mean that Stephanie Meyer wins?

So I think I'll stick with them, and just make sure they don't ever show up as anything like the teenage romantic variety that's so popular.

And no werewolves or zombies. Gotta draw the line somewhere.


Jeremy said...

You have vampires. Stephanie Meyer has wimpires.

Gary Kleppe said...

Keep the vampires, but start writing them properly. Why don't your vampires talk with cheesy trahnsleeterated Bela Lugosi accents? Why do they never sneak up behind people and yell "BLAH!"? Without things like this vampires just aren't believable.

brahmandu said...

No werewolves? Sorry, but that line's been cross already. Remember the Rougarou who wanted to "buy" Sharon's face? Rougarou are just cajon werewolves.