Monday, April 16, 2012

Progress Report: 4/16/12

It's been a very busy time recently. We are in the process of looking for a new house, which means packing up all the stuff in our old home and getting it ready to move. And... stuff, man. It's freakin' everywhere. It accumulates seemingly on its own, as if in accord with the old theories about spontaneous generation.

Writing-wise, I've decided that if I don't get a new agent and some progress by end of 2012, I'm going the small-press route with Dragon Waking and trying my luck that way. Publishing is a changing field, so the options for reaching an audience on your own are better today than they've ever been. Meanwhile, I'm still querying along.

And writing, of course.


Jeremy said...

Moving? Exciting! Are you staying in the same area?

ירון קפלן said...

I was hoping that you'd write: "If I don't get a new agent and some progress by the end of 2012, I'm going to resume Thunderstruck!"

I miss the 2 girls.. I really do!

Robert said...

Might I make a recommendation? Try reading your book onto an electronic media and then posting it on the web piecemeal as a podcast. Other people have gotten works published that way because legally the podcast does not constitute a first printing, which publishers often want to have (and which is why privately-published works often aren't picked up, no matter how good they are).

There are two reasons for this. First, you are building up an audience, which publishers will assume are likely to purchase the book itself when published. Second, because you're building an audience, if it doesn't get a publisher's attention then you could go the route of Kickstarter to finance the self-publication (though then you have to do the legwork of getting bookstores to sell your work and so forth).

Rob H.