Sunday, November 30, 2014

Comic 703 -- Vampires of the Mile High City

And for our next installment:

Still getting used to making color comics. A crowd scene like this one presented all sorts of new challenges... I expect I'll get the hang of it more as I go along.

I've got the next due date marked as Dec. 31st, but due to the hectic nature of the holidays, travel, and so forth I may not quite bullseye that one. With any luck I can deliver early, but I shouldn't be more than a couple of days off the mark one way or another.


Tyris said...

In paint lingo, "mattie silks" would be "semi-satin."

Anvildude said...

Oh my. If the majority of them are for the Fox Hunt, I have to wonder what the three are meant to do. Also curious if Jude's really so sadistic as to enjoy sending a reluctant vampire on a combat mission, or if he has ulterior motives for sending a 'nice' vamp out.