Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Comic 704 -- The Hunters and the Hunted

It's like the old saying goes: No battle plan survives first contact with a majestic moose.

We're now one year into the return of Thunderstruck! 2014 has been an interesting year, and I haven't been able to share all the developments on the writing front. But I should have some interesting news in 2015. Hope you all enjoy the final day of the year, and I look forward to keeping the momentum (slow but steady) going in the upcoming year.


Anvildude said...

Just wanna say again how awesome it is you're back in business here.

Read through the archives again, and I have to say, I kinda miss the black and white- the bursts of color really did a good job of making the magic pop and look cooler.

You went on hiatus due to having a book in the works- did you get that published? And what was it? I'd love to buy it if possible- I enjoy your writing style and humour immensely.

Every month, can't wait for the next comic.

Grayson Towler said...

Hi Anvildude,

I hope to have news for you on the book very, very soon. Let's just say that good things have happened, and I'm waiting for the clearance to make official public announcements.

I have very mixed feelings about the use of color, and I'm going to revisit going back to B&W once I get through with this chapter. I like the color in some ways, but I don't know that it really "pays for itself" in terms of how much time it takes.

I'll do a reader poll as we get closer to the end of this chapter, I think.

Many thanks,

Anvildude said...

Cool to hear from you! Hoping that your readerbase came back to you- I know even a month's hiatus can kill a comic's following, much less an official announcement of 'comic death'.

Oh, and you might want to update your 'next comic in progress' page- it still says you're on the Mon-Wed-Fri schedule.