Friday, January 30, 2015

Comic 705 -- Does It Ever Go Smooth?

Since I'm going to be traveling and probably pretty busy, here's the comic a day early!

This strip posed a choice between aesthetics and accuracy. In reality, NFL teams do not practice in their home stadiums--they have big practice facilities located somewhere else. But aesthetically, the practice facility is dull to look at and unrecognizable to anyone. There are no giant walls to scale or anything fun like that.

In the end, I chose to ignore accuracy this time and go with the more interesting setting.


Einar Eikeland said...

I will echo Saxony: Where does Bella find all these crazy critters?

Her bag of tricks seems to be bottomless. Her staying off the grid for as long as she has is really impressive considering how active she must have been to build up so much power.

Grayson Towler said...

You'll get an insight into where the latest crazy critter came from in just a few days.

Bella is the kind of sorceress I've always found most intriguing. She's pretty much useless in a straight-up fight (and was even before she had her head detached), but she has knowledge and connections to spare.