Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Comic 710 -- Miracle Cure

They said it couldn't be done!


Yes, in the Thunderstruck universe, it's considered impossible to cure vampires and restore their humanity. And here Gail has gone and done it. Well, she would say it wasn't her doing at all, but there it is. Point being, I'm sure this merciful act has no chance of producing unintended consequences or coming back to (figuratively or literally) bite her in the ass later.


Apologies for the slight lateness. Some strangely inflexible part of me always insists that June is a month with 31 days in it, and is stubbornly impervious to the evidence that is demonstrably not and never has been so.


Anvildude said...


And that's the sound of a payout years in the making.

I'm very curious, though. If this vamp (let's call him Joe for now, because I forget if he's ever been named yet) is cured, how in the world will he keep it from the others? I imagine that the other vamps will be able to smell the Mortality on Joe, or hear his heartbeat as well. I suppose he could just vanish, but if he's holding down a night job to pass as human, he's gotta figure that out. And if he stays around, well, I imagine he's been hanging out with a basically vampire social circle for a while now. Someone's going to find out.

Of course, that's irrelevant if Jude there decides to take umbrage at this healing.

Grayson Towler said...

The vamp's name, for what it's worth, is Tom. And the question of keeping the whole thing quiet is central to the upcoming strip, as is Jude's reaction. So you won't have long to wait for an answer to your questions.