Sunday, May 31, 2015

Comic 709 -- Gail Curmen and the Can of Whoop-Ass

New comic today!

See, what Sharon could tell you about her sister that it's not much fun to play poker with Gail. Not only can she always tell when anyone is bluffing, but she hasn't got a poker face and can't bluff to save her life. So it ends up being a game of chance only, and you might as well be playing craps.

If the vampires had known this, they'd have realized that when Gail offers you one last chance, she isn't just blowing smoke.

Oh look, though! There's one vampire left. So it's not over just yet...


Jeremy said...

"I'm here to fight vampires and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of bubble gum."

Anvildude said...

And we're finally going to be getting payoff for that little tidbit you gave us in the graveyard all those years ago.

I'd like to learn more about these vamps, actually. There's clearly different groups of them- the 'pig drinkers' and the 'true vamps'- but how do the 'truebloods' avoid attention? Are 'no-see-me' spells a thing?

Grayson Towler said...

Hi Anvildude,

To answer your question, they get some help from the fact that magic in the Thunderstruck world has a kind of self-cloaking property, which is largely just a small amplification of the inherent human trait of ignoring things we don't want to see. So there's that.

Vampires of the "We are rulers of the niiiiiiight!" school of thought, like Blonger and Silks, are generally just careful. They can physically pass for human, of course, and the stronger ones can even walk around during daylight hours (dangerous, since their powers are greatly diminished). If they're smart about it, they can feed without passing on their condition, either by sipping from their victims or killing them completely after feeding. The latter isn't too dangerous if you pick your victims right and are good at disposing of bodies.

And if it looks like Vigil is on the prowl, they can always shift to drinking animal blood. Not fun for them, but they can endure.

Any vampire that has survived for any length of time has gotten used to covering their tracks pretty well.