Monday, October 5, 2015

Comic 713 -- Bad News and Bad Timing

After an unfortunate delay, here's the new strip!

With any luck, September's delay won't carry over to October's strip.

Anyway, how about that Jude, huh?


Einar Eikeland said...

It really doesn't seem like Jude is lying here. Poor Gail is really in denial when she thinks he's lying even though she has magical lie detection powers which are probably confirming his words.

Grayson Towler said...

Spot-on. Gail wouldn't be losing her cool so badly if she was really sensing lies... it's disturbing stuff for her to hear, and she really wants him to shut up before he shakes her up even more.

It's worth noting that her cross isn't glowing like it does when her faith is strong and she's facing off against vampires.

The Kings Raven said...

So Gail and Jesus are half-siblings? That's pretty cool.

I'm really interested in seeing where this is going, Jude's obviously got a lot of history here. Hopefully he keeps his head. I really really want Bella to win in the end.

Vincent Voidbringer said...

Just going to say how much I agree with the take on religion this comic has.
That being to the point I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually occurring in some variant.

Also sorta envious of Sharon's promise to hit this God person with that hammer of Thor's. Granted, it's a question for me of shaking their hand first or not.