Saturday, October 31, 2015

Comic 714 -- Catching Up to Do

Happy Halloween! Here's a new comic...

Just a heads-up... given the holidays and the possibility of more travel than I'd anticipated, there probably won't be a comic for December.

But there's one today! Enjoy!


Ketrus said...

Is... is that a Beatles reference? Is that two Beatles references? Fantastic.

This is a great update. It can be difficult to pull off a transition away from violence, but you manage it pretty damn well. Moreover, in a way that contributes towards all three characters. Kudos!

Vincent Voidbringer said...

November 31st doesn't exist, next update is on a non-existent day.

Grayson Towler said...


Thanks. I'll fix that.


Vincent Voidbringer said...

... where's the 30th's comic at? Gone the way of December's?