Monday, January 11, 2010

Progress Report: 1/11/2010

Like I said, the first week back from vacation is all about playing catch-up. Fortunately, I feel I've played a pretty good game of catch-up this week, so I think I will have more time for writing.

I did make some headway on "Voyage of the Piquant" this week, and I expect to have the last segment up soon, perhaps even later this week.

We're hosting a friend now who needed a place to crash for a while. In discussions with him, an idea arose that could be the pivotal element of a third novel in "The Awakening of Dragons" (the trilogy that begins with Rose & Jade.) I already had an idea for the shape of the story, and this new element not only fits right in, it gives the whole thing a lot more drama and tension. So, that's good. I can't be more specific without going all spoiler-ific on you.

So in summary, a lot of job-based work this week and not a lot of time for writing, but good stuff has emerged nonetheless.

Oh, we also saw The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Which I loved.

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