Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Progress Report: 1/19/2010

And "Voyage of the Piquant" is done! Go check it out for the final epic battle scene. I had a lot of fun writing it.

Missed the update on Monday, in part because I was taking Martin Luther King day off and didn't really touch my computer, and in part because of distraction. What sort of distraction?

Well, after much searching, we have a new member of the household. He is a 14-week old black kitten with beyond the normal compliment of toes. An energetic and social young fellow, he has demonstrated extraordinary climbing abilities, as well as a knack for using his Power of Smallness to infiltrate places that the adult cats cannot penetrate.

Given the extra claw and his free-climbing and running powers, we have decided that Ezio is a good name. Or Ezio Auditore da Firenze, for completion's sake. He has already provided us with many moments of great entertainment.

I should also mention that we have the best dog in the world. While the other cats have warmed up to Ezio slowly in the traditional roundabout way that is required for cat social politics, our dog Luna has done her very best to make the kitten feel at home. A good example of her strategy is that when Ezio was first trying to sniff her, Luna turned her head away so he could do his initial investigation without being watched, which made him feel safer. She then slowly turned and got some sniffs in between them. Within hours, she was grooming his head and letting him clean her ear. A true diplomat and sweetheart is our Luna.

Okay, so last week I also had the afterburners on for writing at work, and managed to achieve high-density, quality writing for seven days straight. (For those of you who don't know where I work, I am a copy writer for Sounds True). With that week done, my work schedule looks much more sane, an I see a more open avenue for fiction writing in front of me. Back to the Rose & Jade rewrite, I think. Candi gave me a good idea for a revision of the prologue. Now how to implement it...

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Jeremy said...

When we first brought Galen home, I wanted to name him "Edmund Hillary" for his climbing ability.