Monday, January 25, 2010

Progress Report: 1/25/2010

So let's see... making progress on the rewrite of the early chapters of Rose & Jade. I think I will have it done this week.

Provided I survive the kitten.

In the time it has taken me to type the above three sentences, there have been two incidents at my desk with young Ezio attempting to do something. Kittens get ideas, you see. Perhaps it would be an exaggeration to characterize them as thoughts, and certainly they are nothing so lofty as plans... ah, incident three just occurred. Yes. As I was saying, they are moments of inspiration, in which the kitten embarks on a sudden and bold experiment about where he can go, how high he can leap, and upon what he can pounce. These ideas come darting out of the ether, invisible as neutrinos and just about as numerous, and connect with the interior of the kitten's skull.

This happens to cats through most of their lives, but as they grow older they at least develop a certain buffer zone between the point at which the idea intersects with their brain and their attempt to fulfill it. There is consideration, a moment of reflection upon the possibility of the notion, during which time the self-preservation instinct has a chance to weigh in on the viability of the whole idea. With kittens, there is none of that. It's straight from inspiration to manifestation, with no pause in between.

It's amazing that any of them survive.

So, writing continues, as does madness. I suppose there is a relation between the two, so perhaps the madness of young Ezio the kitten will somehow spark creative inspiration in me. Assuming, of course, he doesn't destroy the house first.

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